GRANT Partnering Opportunities
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This SITE page is designed to provide Rotary Clubs in District 5580 with the chance to review active or upcoming projects and to evaluate opportunities for potentially participating in the projects financially or as volunteer workers.  This could be especially helpful to smaller clubs who may not be able to do a large project on its own, but by "partnering," a project could be funded, staffed, and successfully completed.
Here are some partnering opportunities that deal with The Rotary Foundation's 7 Areas of Focus.
Current Opportunities:
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Papua New Guinnea Water Project 
Posted: November 2021
Contact: Karl Everett (Duluth Harbortown Rotary) and Keith Brokke (FMAM Rotary Club)
Looking for multiple D5580 Rotary club partners to help our friends from Warrnambool, Australia District 9780 to make this project happen.  Their Warrnabool Rotary club and District 9780 partnered with us on the Indigenous women Prenatal Care Project a few years ago.  PDG Brian Trenery and his wife Jenny were our hosts when we went to Australia on a Friendship Exchange in 2012. Brian has asked our District to partner with their Warrnambool Rotary Club (Tony Austin, International Services Director) to help provide well drilling equipment to be shipped to Papua, New Guinea.  It was to be a Global Grant, but Tony Austin explained:
Elijah, my PNG mate, has just sent me a letter (left of page under files) to support the application.
I thought you might be interested in reading it.
He asked me to tidy up the spelling and grammar.
I’m going to leave it; I think it’s great the way it is.
As it is it reads like it’s coming from the heart.
Ghanaian Accessible School Project
Posted: November 2021
Contact:  Nicole Ronchetti (Hibbing-Chisholm Rotary Club)

This project is looking to build an accessible school outside of Accra, Ghana, specifically designed for children with disabilities. Imagined and begun by Dr. Sefakor Komabu-Pomeyie, a polio survivor who experienced the obstacles present for those with disabilities in Ghana’s school system, the project seeks to address and set an example of accessible schools in West Africa. We are looking to partner with her organization, EEPD Africa, and other Rotary clubs to ensure that all children, regardless of their ability level, can access education.

The land has already been acquired, the construction would be using local materials and experts and the estimated cost is $240,000. We are also looking into seeking an appropriate grant from Rotary. If you are interested in partnering or learning more, please contact Nicole Ronchetti at and CC Dr. Komabu-Pomeyie at 

Additional Information: Adeiso Project Proposal

Camaroon school textbooks and sanitary facility construction
Posted:  Jan 2020
Contact:  Keith Brokke (FMAM Rotary Club)
Looking for funding partners for Global Grant in conjunction with Kumbo Rotary club, Chris Idirisu
Project needs are approx $14,000 for textbooks and $39,000 for construction of Sanitary Toilets in 6 Primary Schools
more info to come...