Welcome to D5580 Youth Exchange Page!    

In District 5580 we are home to 20 international students from around the globe.   Our students are hosted by clubs that are more than 800 miles apart! But from east to west, they experience some of the most interesting variety of climate, topography, and cultural diversity available within the borders of our two countries.

While we host one class of 'Inbound' students, we are also busy preparing a class of 'Outbound' students for a year of study abroad.   And when they have earned their wings, they fly to the four corners of the earth and many places in between.   While overseas, our students serve as young 'ambassadors' for their home communities, states/province, country, and (of course)  Rotary.  We often receive amazing reports - photos - stories of their accomplishments and successes.  We share those here on this web page as often as we can!

Our district is a member of the Central States Rotary Youth Exchange (CSRYE) multi-district.   We are a group of 17 Rotary Districts, located across North Dakota, Minnesota, Ontario, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and Tennessee. 

Collectively, we welcome more than 300 students into the USA and Canada each year and send as many overseas.    Our students come and go, with many dreams and personal  agendas.  Our role is to clear the path, guide them, nurture them....and through them we will bridge cultures in an effort to achieve our ultimate goal of world peace and understanding!

We hope you find our news interesting and informative.    If you have something to add or a suggested improvement, please drop us a note.  We are here to serve in the name of Rotary.