Submitted by: PDG Tom Riley

This picture is of Chesley R. Perry, the longest serving General Secretary of Rotary International.

Perry started as Part time Secretary of the nascent organization in 1910 and became full time Secretary in 1912. During his 32 year tenure as Secretary, he started and  edited the Rotary magazine, opened Rotary‚Äôs offices in Geneva, Switzerland, and oversaw the growth of Rotary from a few dozen clubs to over 5000 at his retirement in 1942. In the last year of his tenure he was made General Secretary of the organization, the highest staff position in Rotary International.

There have been 11 General Secretaries since Perry.

Phillip C. Lovejoy 1942-1952

George R. Means 1952-1972

Harry A. Stewart 1972-1978

Herbert A. Pigman 1979-1986;1993-1995

Phillip H. Lindsey 1986-1989

Hugh M. Archer 1989-1990

Spencer Robinson Jr. 1990-1993

Geoffrey S. large 1995-1997

S. Aaron Hyatt 1997-2000

Edwin H. Futa 2000-2011

John P. Hewko 2011-present

John Hewko was named CEO as well as General Secretary of the organization by an enactment at the 2016 Council on Legislation, and is the Highest ranking permanent  Officer in Rotary International, since Presidents of Rotary serve only for one year.


Tom Riley