District 5580 has a rebate for clubs in the form of a $400 Technology/Social Media Grant.  All your club needs to do to receive this grant is:
  1. Be current with all District and Rotary International Dues
  2. Have your Rotary year 2020-21 Goals submitted or updated on Rotary Club Central
  3. If you received Disaster Relief Grant funds distributed in May 2020 a summary report is required to be filed, which can simply be a copy of receipts or a “thank you” letter received from the food shelf or organization receiving the funds.
  4. Email Keith Brokke (rotarian.keith@gmail.com) with your request and intended use of the $400 technology grant.  The deadline to request this grant is June 30, 2021.
It is strongly recommended that every club have access to Zoom and continue their subscription for the 2021-2022 Rotary year.  The Technology grant can be used to update your annual Zoom subscription (don’t forget to use promo code ZoomRotary to receive the 20% discount on your annual membership).  If you do this, your total annual cost including tax will be $128.
Many clubs have requested funds to use for audio/visual equipment.  Amazon now has a new “Owl” product for $599 with 360 degree viewing including the microphone good to 15 feet (so center the device in your Rotary meeting).
D5580 has 18 Rotary Clubs that do not have a website . . . we can help.  Also, of those clubs having websites, 14 are outdated or nonfunctioning, so use of funds here qualifies also.
We would like to see ALL D5580 Rotary clubs apply and use the funds to help retain members and GROW Rotary!