District 5580 "Cross Currents" April 2018
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Submitted by: Debra Warner, District Governor 2017-2018
BUILDING BRIDGES, GOODWILL AND FRIENDSHIP is the theme for our District Conference this year which will be held on April 26-28th, 2018 in Thunder Bay, On.  The four Canada Clubs (Nipigon, Thunder Bay Fort William, Thunder Bay Port Arthur and Lakehead) are hosting this year’s conference and have been planning the event for over 2 years.  You will be impressed with the speakers and events which are planned.  This is a great opportunity to network, hear inspiring addresses from our speakers, engage in discussions on District and World-wide Rotary issues and join in recognizing District Rotary Clubs and Rotarian achievements from the past Rotary year.  Many have said they return from District Conferences truly enthusiastic about Rotary at a level they had not experienced prior to attending a Conference.  Won’t you please join us?  You can learn more by going to our Conference site: http://rotary5580.org/page/2018-district-conference-thunder-bay-ontario.
Rotary International’s theme for April is Maternal and Child Health which is one of Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus.  Rotary makes high-quality health care available to vulnerable mothers and children so they can live longer and grow stronger.  Statements of purpose and goals for Maternal and Child Health are:
Submitted by: Emma McDonald
You’re an expecting mother and it’s time for the baby to arrive. We have all seen the drill either first hand, second hand or in one movie or another. Water breaks and all involved bee-line it to the hospital without stopping for a moment to ask why? Surely it is not for the scenery or ambiance, and it’s definitely not for the food. We go to the hospital because we need the help of medical professionals. We need them to use their training, compassion, and tools at hand to help us through and keep us safe.
What if you arrived at the hospital and they had little to nothing to offer you? The medical professionals are available to provide care but there is no gauze, no forceps, no clamps, no gloves and nothing is clean. This is a reality for many pregnant women in developing countries.
The 2018 District Conference is scheduled for April 26-28, and our Canadian Rotarians in Thunder Bay (Fort William), Thunder Bay (Port Arthur), Thunder Bay (Lakehead) and Nipigon Rotary Clubs are ready to welcome you to the Valhalla Inn for an exciting weekend of “Building Bridges, Goodwill & Friendship.”  What could be better than coming together to “Make a Difference” and to celebrate our International goodwill and friendship?  Thunder Bay, ON is a great city with much to enjoy.  The Conference will be a fantastic event, long remembered as one of the best.  Join us, won’t you!  More information: District Conference   
We are gearing up for an exciting District Conference in Thunder Bay!  If you haven't done so already, register today
Bus Transportation DEADLINE EXTENDED- The bus to District Conference is looking for more riders! A minimum of 45 must be hit in order to make the bus feasible. Please contact Molly Herrington at molly.j.herrington or 701.202.0500 ASAP if you're interested in riding.
District Conference Memorial Service - I will need names of any Rotarians who have passed away since last years conference.  Please send a photo along with their name, date of birth, and date of death before April 5, 2018 to gloriad5580@outlook.com.  Thank you to everyone who has already submitted names.  
Silent Auction - We would like to remind you of the need for Rotary Clubs to send or bring items for the Silent Auction at the Conference.  It would be optimal if you email Irene Sottile, Chair of Silent and Live Auctions, with your donation, description of item(s), and value as soon as possible.  Please send this information to irenesottile@hotmail.com.
Project Fair - Having a table at the Project Fair is a great way to meet Rotary members, promote your club and service efforts, and find partners.  Sharing your clubs' priorities and your community's needs increases the likelihood that your service projects will find support.  If you are interested in having a table at the Project Fair, please contact Dawn Sebesta at dmsebesta@gmail.com and she will reserve a space for you.    
Literacy Display - We would like to ask your club to consider a Literacy Display for this year's Project Fair.  At our last Conference we had a number of club projects which were great examples of Literacy efforts in our various communities.  Please contact Marge McPeak, Literacy Chair, at McPeak@northlc.com, if you have a literacy project to display.
As you can see, there are many ways for your club to be involved at District Conference.  We look forward to seeing you there!  http://rotary5580.org/page/2018-district-conference-thunder-bay-ontario 
Don’t miss our biggest event of the year, the Rotary International Convention. Join us in the diverse city of Toronto, Canada, 23-27 June to find your inspiration through new friends, exciting keynote speakers, and informative sessions. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other people of action and learn new skills to take home to your club.

If you haven’t registered, sign in to My Rotary and register today. 

Visit the Facebook event page to see who else is attending!

Ian H.S. Riseley, President 2017-18

At the 1990 Rotary International Convention in Portland, Oregon, then President-elect Paulo Costa told the gathered Rotarians, "The hour has come for Rotary to raise its voice, to claim its leadership, and to rouse all Rotarians to an honorable crusade to protect our natural resources." He declared a Rotary initiative to "Preserve Planet Earth," asking Rotarians to make environmental issues part of their service agenda: to plant trees, to work to keep our air and water clean, and to protect the planet for future generations.

Submitted by, Gary Nolte, PDG 98-99, End Polio Now Zone Coordinator Zone 28
6 million children, the number vaccinated of Rotary’s first effort in the Philippines in 1979.  650,000, the number of paralytic cases of polio prevented each year.  2, the number of countries that are still endemic  (Pakistan and Afghanistan).  3,the number of types of polio.  Type 2 polio has not been in the wild since 1999 and type 3 has not been seen since 2012.  74, the number of polio cases reported in 2015.  37, the number reported in 2016.  22, the number reported in 2017.  5, the number of cases reported YTD as of March 22  in 2018.
Submitted by: Karl Everett – Harbortown Rotary
Good News. The Jutan Mayu Medical Clinic in the Icla Region of Bolivia is under construction. Enclosed is the Mano a Mano report on the progress of the construction project.  I want to thank all the clubs and individuals that participated in the funding of this project and invite you to come along on the trip to Bolivia this September to visit the finished project and attend the dedication ceremony thanking us for our efforts. Information is attached on our Bolivia adventure; or come talk with me at the District Conference in Thunder Bay.
Submitted by: Craig Loughery, Public Image Chair
Public Image...we all realize the importance of image ...In our everyday "civilian" life, we are always careful and concerned about our personal appearance; how others view our actions and activities; and careful not to leave a bad impression, which could be detrimental to our standing in our communities or our business. We continually strive to create good impressions- using our actions to create a good image of ourselves.
In Rotary, it is the same struggle...Keeping up with good actions and creating a good impression with others...knowing that how they view our organization will lead to the continued success we seek. And we must always ask the question- IS our Club doing what it takes to create a good public image? How can we help with that?
Submitted by: Donald R. Cavalier, Membership Chair
Why “Getting New Members” should be the No. 1 Goal of all Rotary Clubs in our District!
Members frequently ask: “Why is it necessary to place so much emphasis on recruitment of new members?   We have a good club, and provide services to our community, surrounding area, our country and international causes.  Why can’t we just be happy and satisfied with our present membership?”
Unfortunately, these are comments from members of a club destined to die due to aging of members, members Leaving (Attrition), lack of enthusiasm, too much contentment, purpose, and a real desire and objective to share and help others experience the power of Rotary.  Recruiting new members brings the following benefits to the Club!
Increased capacity to serve our community.  With 10 members, a club can do “X” number of projects.  With 50 members, a club can mathematically do “Y” (more) number of projects.   In reality, studies show that the greater the mass (members), the effectiveness is greater.
Submitted by: Linda Marrin, District Trainer
3 way calling on your own phone!
We sometime use Webinars for meetings involving 3 Rotarians.  Our Webinar system is a great tool; however you can use your cell phone for 3-way calls.  This is a quick and easy way to connect to 2 of your Rotary partners if you don’t have multiple documents to review.  There is no extra charge for this service. The process is the same on most smart phones:
Submitted by: Elizabeth Jarocki
The Jr. Rotarian program is where Rotary clubs host students from local schools to provide networking opportunities and career discussions with Rotarians. It is where a lot of students have their first introduction with Rotary. Here is a Jr. Rotarian experience from Rotary Club of Duluth #25.
In my beginning moments of becoming a Junior Rotarian, I was a little nervous and a little unsure of the challenge I had just taken on. I wasn’t even quite sure of what Rotary was! When friends would ask where I was going and what I was doing at Rotary I would simply respond with, “Going to a lunch with business people...I think?” After attending Rotary for several weeks, I now know that it is so much more than “lunch with business people.” My experience as a Junior Rotarian was nothing short of awesome.
Submitted by: Aymane Id hsain
Have you ever heard of a Rotary exchange student from the district 9010? Or from Morocco? Maybe not because I am the first Rotary exchange student from there and very glad to be the first one, the first ambassador to at least the Grand rapids high school in Minnesota who, some of them did never hear of where is Morocco and they love hearing about new culture, and I am also very glad to live and discover the American culture. Did you ever think about what a year abroad will change in your life? Let’s see what I have done over 7 months. 
Submitted by: Beth Althoff, RYLA Chair
District 5580Camp RYLA uses a number of tools to help campers develop self awareness and hone their leadership skills. RYLArians will gain valuable insights about themselves and the world through engaging presentations, experiential activities, small-group discussions, and connecting with their peers. RYLA helps campers refine the leadership skills they already possess and supports them as they think of ways they can use those skills in their home communities.
By: Delaney Urban, Alyssa Sorenson, McKenzie MacFarlane
The Twin Ports Rotaract had the amazing opportunity for 3 of their members to participate in a Rotary service project trip to Guatemala over spring break. They traveled to 3 different schools to deliver school supplies and assisted with construction by mixing a lot of concrete. Seeing the difference our district makes in Guatemala was remarkable. Witnessing the children’s smiles after delivering school supplies and teaching them how to play “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck” was a highlight.
Our wonderful Linnea was born near Cincinnati on August 11, 1968, joining "favorite brother" Larry. They moved to Duluth when still young but continued to spend joyful summers in Ohio on Shawnee Run Road with their grandparents and cousins. Linnea named her beloved dog Shawnee from that time. Linnea lived her life with passion and energy, with her dear Megan as the center of it all. Being Meg's mom defined her and was her greatest source of joy and inspiration.
Throughout her life, Linnea contributed to others, whether through her work or her community involvement, including with U.S. Bank, Animal Allies, Lutheran Social Service, the Junior League, Eco Rotary and Harbortown Rotary, and the Duluth Chamber. Linnea lived her life with laughter and humor. She was always full of mischief and fun, and Megan has inherited her sparkly eyes - so watch out!