District 5580 "Cross Currents" May 2018
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Submitted by: Debra Warner, District Governor 2018-19
Hello Rotarians, Rotaractors and family of Rotary!
The District Conference in Thunder Bay, ON was certainly one of the highlights of my year as District Governor! Thanks to everyone who attended the Conference!  Our theme was Building Bridges…Goodwill and Friendship and we certainly accomplished that.  Again, a heartfelt thanks to Wayne Robinson our Conference Chair and the four Canada Clubs for over 2 years of planning this great Conference.  A special thank you to Krysta Logozzo Daniele who was our Mistress of Ceremonies for the Conference.  Great job Krysta!  We had fantastic and diverse speakers, engaging breakout sessions and great entertainment!  During the Conference, I concentrated on recognizing Rotarians who went above and beyond in their District roles.
Those recognized were Lakehead Rotary Club President Wayne Robinson-Conference Chair, Past District Governor (PDG) Gary Nolte-Zone 28 End Polio Now Advisor, Irene Sottile-Zone 28 Assistant Rotary Coordinator, PDG Don Cavalier-Membership Chair, PDG Craig Loughery-Public Image Chair, Keith Brokke-Foundation Chair, Al Makynen-Assistant Governor, Elaine Hanson-Treasurer, Linda Marrin-District Trainer and Diane Collins for her continued support to our District and to me following her retirement last year. 
Submitted by: PDG Jill Olsen D-5970

Remarks April 28, 2018 on the occasion of PDG Earl Rogers receiving the Service Above Self Award:  Rotary’s highest honor.

Every day of Earl’s 46 years in Rotary has been devoted to Service Above Self. Some of his responsibilities included serving as District Governor and District Foundation Chair, GSE Team Leader to South Korea, District Chair of RYLA, and Chair of the International Convention Committee, an event he has attended over 40 times. 

Earl was a leader in getting Rotary support across the world for “Operation Aware”, a program teaching young people about the dangers of drugs, which was featured in the RotarianMagazine. He has been recognized as the District 5580 Rotarian of the Year (twice), Foundation District Service Award, Citation for Meritorious Service and the Foundation Distinguished Service Award. 

Earl served as the Charter President of the Duluth Skyline Club where he has 46 years of perfect attendance. He also has 26 years of perfect attendance at two other Rotary Clubs in town—yes, he is an active member and leading fundraiser in three Duluth Rotary Clubs -- and is known affectionately in Duluth as “Mr. Rotary” for his service, dedication and commitment. 

But Earl’s service doesn’t stop with Rotary: 

Submitted by: Gary Nolte, End Polio Now Zone 28 Coordinator
Dr. David Fihn was the Governor of Rotary District 5580 1985-1986. After his year as Governor, Polio Eradication was named Rotary International’s Corporate Project. He accepted the chairmanship of the Polio Challenge in the initial effort. District 5580 is one of the largest districts in the North American Rotary world. District 5580 is located in all of North Dakota, northern Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and southern Ontario, Canada. A diagonal line drawn from Bowman, ND in the southwest to Marathon, Ontario, Canada, is 1800 miles. At his own expense, he traveled to each club in the district to solicit funds and pledges to eradicate polio. The results were nothing short of being incredible. Out of 55 clubs, only four failed to pledge. Several clubs required multiple visits, but in the end, donated their fair share. In total, District 5580, under Dr. Fihn, pledged $750,000 US and most pledges were paid in 1987 and were completed by 1990. This he did after serving his year as District Governor and working full time as a dentist. He kept detailed, hand-written records which I have utilized in my work as District 5580 Polio Eradication Chairperson. Dr. Fihn has been my mentor in this polio eradication challenge during my time as District Polio Chair. I am now serving as End Polio Now Zone 28 Coordinator.
Submitted by: Julie Rothmeier, Awards Chair
Distinguished Rotarian for
Club:                     Jessica Lautigar
Community:       Mark Schneider
International:     Jill Zachary

Rotarian of the Year:  David Long
Submitted by: McKenzie MacFarlane
Rotary Direct is an awesome way to support the Rotary Foundation. You can choose how often and how much you want to give – It’s a simple and secure way to make a big impact. All you have to do is go to rotary.org/contribute, sign into your account and sign up under Rotary Direct! I started giving to the rotary foundation over a year ago for a couple of reasons. The main reason was I wanted to really make a bigger impact. I went to Guatemala for the first-time last year and that is where I saw how much of a difference the rotary foundation can make. These people’s lives are completely changed, and I wanted to help contribute to that. I encourage you all to consider checking out Rotary Direct.

Ian H.S. Riseley

President 2017-18

Rotary is a massive, and massively complex, organization. As this issue of The Rotarian goes to press, we have 1.2 million members in 35,633 clubs in nearly every country of the world. Hundreds of thousands of participants are involved in Rotary programs such as Rotaract, Interact, Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Rotary Community Corps, Rotary Peace Centers, and a host of local and Foundation-supported projects and programs at the national, district, and local levels. The name of Rotary is attached to countless projects every year, from blood banks to food banks, school sanitation to polio eradication. One hundred thirteen years after the first Rotary club was founded, Rotary service reaches literally around the globe.


Join people of action from around the world at the 2018 Rotary International Convention, 23-27 June, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With over 90 breakout sessions to choose from, and a variety of exciting host events, you’ll want to experience it all!

Visit the House of Friendship to view the latest Rotary virtual reality film at the VR Zone or connect and recharge while gaining tips on how to tell your Rotary story and getting personalized assistance at the Social Media Lounge.
See you in Toronto!
Submitted by: Rozanne Casey, Youth Services Chair
May is Youth Service Month.  What does that mean in District 5580?  Here is a quick update:
4 Way Test Essay Contest
The 4 Way Test has been a guiding principle of Rotary since the 1940’s and an introduction to Rotary for many youth for nearly as many years.  This year, 18 Rotary clubs from across the district submitted winning essays which were judged by a four person committee.  The five regional winners are: Jacob Scheresky (Minot High School, Minot Sunrise Club), Rebecca Olson, (Fosston High School, Fosston Rotary Club), Emma Stertz (Grand Rapids High School, Grand Rapids Rotary), Jacob Wagner (Crookston High School, Crookston Rotary Club) and Elizabeth Jarocki (Marshall High School, Duluth Club 25).  Congratulations to Jacob Scheresky from Minot for being the District 5580 essay contest winner!  If your club would like to participate in the 2019 essay contest, or if you would like to serve on the committee, please contact Rozanne Casey (rozannecasey@ymail.com)
Rotary Youth Exchange
Youth Exchange is a well know program in District 5580.  Throughout the years, many clubs have hosted an inbound student or sent an outbound student on the adventure of a lifetime.  This year, 14 students from Austria, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Peru, Poland, Switzerland and Thailand will become part of the District 5580 family and five of our students will experience life in other countries.  All of the students – as well as the host families and clubs – will be forever changed by the exchange experience.  If your club is interested in participating in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program by hosting a student, sending a student or being on the committee, please contact Blake Carlson (blakeski@msn.com).
Submitted by: Beth Althoff, RYLA Chair
Thank you to all of the Rotary clubs who continue to send students to Ryla. We have hit our maximum capacity once again so that 145 students are able to get this once in a lifetime experience!
Now that clubs have finalized the selected campers this is a great time to start familiarizing students to Rotary! You can invite the student and their parents to a Rotary meeting. Set up a time post Ryla for students to come to your club and share their experience. Make sure to invite parents to these events as it is a good chance to help them learn more about what Rotary has to offer! 
As always, you can learn more about District 5580 RYLA at https://District5580ryla.org.
Jacob Scheresky from Minot High School is the recipient of a check from District 5580 in the amount of $1250.00, representing the cash award for the Overall District Winner of the 4-Way Test Essay Contest.  Thank you to the members of the Minot Sunrise Rotary Club for sponsoring this student in our District 4-Way Test Essay Contest.
Wise Self-Expression
By: Jacob Scheresky
Minot High
When was the last time you stopped and fully expressed yourself? In today's world we are faced with many pitfalls when it comes to communication. We try to condense monstrous philosophical ideas into 30 second soundbites, or crunch elaborate opinions down into  160 characters or less. Often times the way in which we choose to express ourselves can be misconstrued or twisted out of our intended meaning. When we are trying to elucidate our thoughts, opinions, or feelings, it is extremely important that we are clear in what message we send to other people. By applying the Rotary Four Way Test to our our modes of self expression we can determine if they are acceptable for the public, just ourselves, or an unhealthy way of releasing our emotions  all together.
Submitted by: Dave Long
Helping those in need around their community & the world.
The Interact Club of Detroit Lakes is a service club made up of High School students, freshmen through seniors, whose motto matches the Rotary motto:  Service Above Self
When first asked, several of the Detroit Lakes (DL) Interact Club members didn’t seem to think they did very much.  Maybe they were being humble, or maybe they just didn’t realize how much of an impact they can have on their community.  Once we started listing the activities members have been involved with, it became clear that they have many opportunities to serve, and also to learn. The DL Interact Club helps out with a lot of the area Rotary Club events that happen during the school year: 
Submitted by: Craig Loughery, Public Image Chair
Like an awakening giant, District 5580 has many,many clubs that are now more aware of the effect an increased Public Image can produce;  as reports start to file in about increased inquiries about projects, events, and membership coming from the general public. We are getting news sources and social networks alike to look at Rotary with a  new  interest...This is EXACTLY what we want!

As explained to Conference goers in Thunder Bay, ROTARY is evolving, and creating a campaign called PEOPLE OF ACTION to get people to realize WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE DO...As part of that campaign, ROTARY has adopted a new brand, which pairs the word "Rotary" with a new, simplified gear wheel.. Go to the Brand Center at Rotary.org, if you haven't already, and check out the new logos and other available materials to promote this campaign... https://www.rotary.org/en/help-launch-new-global-ad-campaign-people-action
Submitted by: Donald Cavalier, Membership Chair
District 5580 is a massive, and a huge complex organization.  As this issue of May Cross Currents goes to press we have 2,920 members (36 net gain to date), 66 Rotary Clubs in three States (North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin) and Ontario Canada.  We have adopted a new Rotary Public Image campaign that is available NOW.  Bring your club’s story to life and help the people of this District understand who we are: “Leaders who work together to connect, inspire, and transform or communities”.
As we adopt our New Vision: 
“Together we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change-across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves”, we need to spread the word as we attract and engage new members to Rotary.
Submitted by: Marge McPeak, Literacy Chair
As this Cross Currents reaches you the School year is nearly over and summer vacation looms ahead of students.  Many of the teenage young people have summer jobs plans, families are planning vacations, and Librarians are gearing up for Summer Reading Programs.  Local successful programs often involve collaborative planning with community stakeholders.  Could your Rotary Club help in some way?
Any child who is able to participate in a local Library Summer Program will have had not only an exciting , enriching summer, but will also return to school with enhanced skills for the coming school year.  Studies indicate that students who read 4 – 6 books over the summer maintain current skills; those reading 10 – 20 books will have improved skills.  In addition this time spent reading can be the beginning of life-long learning and the continued enjoyment of books and reading.
Submitted by: Blaine Johnson, District Governor Elect
LEAD was a fantastic opportunity for Presidents Elect and many others to gather together for training and inspiration, including four members from District 5950.  Rotary International makes training mandatory for Presidents Elect, but it isn’t just the Presidents Elect that benefit from the experience.  The wealth of information that is brought back to the clubs, both from the training provided and the relationships created is simply invaluable.  We encourage and expect attendance from each and every club. 
Participants this year can attest to the significant changes that have been made to the training program.  We added elective breakout sessions, increased participation and engagement, and inspired those in attendance.  The last hour of LEAD was spent envisioning what the perfect Rotary Club would look like; determining when, where, and how often the club would meet, the purpose and mission of the club, and how the club would be attractive to both current members and prospective members.    
Submitted by: Linda Marrin, District Trainer
Our district conference in Thunder Bay was packed with fun, excitement, camaraderie, inspiration and learning.   The training committee’s hard work paid off in Friday and Saturday’s well received breakout sessions.  Facilitators organized sessions featuring presentations by some of our district’s talented Rotarians.  Three of the keynote speakers also provided attendees an opportunity to dialogue with them in breakouts. 
Our district officers and committee chairs are available to visit clubs wanting to discuss or get ideas for their clubs.  If you were unable to attend the conference, your club could have the message delivered at one of your meetings.  Contact district committee chairs or me if you are interested in having someone visit your club on specific topics.  Below are the sessions delivered in one-hour sessions at the conference, you may want to have an abbreviated version shared with your club!
Submitted by: Tiana Bohn, Wahpeton Breckenridge Rotary Club Secretary
The Rotary Club of Wahpeton-Breckenridge invites High School Juniors from Breckenridge and the six Richland County schools each month.  Students are selected by their respective schools because of their accomplishments, character, and the respect earned from faculty and staff.  These students, along with their parents and respective faculty members, join us as luncheon guests. The recognition program is a sharing and celebration of gifts and talents and continued commitment to their school and surrounding communities.
Our 17th annual tournament in 2018 will be held at the Lakeview National Golf Course, Two Harbors, which has opened its course and facilities in support of this endeavor on the part of our club.  The tournament tees off on June 30th with a full day of activity. 
The annual North Shore Rotary ForeKids Couples Golf Tournament continues as the only tournament of its kind in the area and exposure for our sponsors.  This tournament, and most importantly your support, has provided opportunities for more than 90 students from the North Shore area to attend leadership camp as well as providing dollars for three college scholarships annually given at Silver Bay and Two Harbors.  Thank you!