Some of the info on this page may not be current and it will be updated as updates are received.  Additional info and new opportunities will be added as they become available....  
This SITE page is designed to provide Rotary Clubs in District 5580 with the chance to review active or upcoming projects and to evaluate opportunities for potentially participating in the projects financially or as volunteer workers.  This could be especially helpful to smaller clubs who may not be able to do a large project on its own, but by "partnering," a project could be funded, staffed, and successfully completed.
Here are some partnering opportunities that deal with The Rotary Foundation's 6 Areas of Focus.
Current Opportunities:
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Tenkasi Boys High School, India 
Posted :  July 2019
Contact:  Keith Brokke, FMAM club;  T. N. Arunachalam, District 3212.  
Description:  looking for partners to help fund 
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Solar Power Global Grant, Amar Seva Sangam, India
Posted :  February 2019
Contact:  Keith Brokke, FMAM club;  Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan, District 3212.  
Description:  looking for partners to help fund 
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Construct Medical Clinic, Tocopilla, Bolivia
WCS Grant 19.3.17
Posted:  November 2018
ContactKarl Everett, Duluth Harbortown club
Description:  provide Health Care facility in Brazil's Amazon Rain Forest in conjunction with Mano-a-Mano; 
Looking for funding partners and possible participants to visit Bolivia site(s).  (Funding is Complete)
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Construct New School, San Antonio, Guatemala,  (COMPLETED March 2019)
WCS 19.3.18 (in conjunction with WCS Grant 19.3.16)
Posted:  November 2018
Contact:   Tom Newberger, FMAM club
Description:  build school for San Antonio Guatemala in February/March 2019; 
opportunity for hands on participation and looking for funding partners 
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Indigenous Women Group Prenatal Care Training,
Global Grant number:  GG1980712
Posted:  December 2018
Contact:   Alicia Helion, FMAM club
description:  click here for basic info
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Smart Classroom Global Grant, District 3212 India (multiple school locations)
Contact:  Keith Brokke, FMAM club;   Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan,  DGSC, District 3212.
Description:  A Global Grant to equip 40 Government or Government aided schools in District 3212, selected by 20 Rotary clubs with an E Learning Module. The module consists of a Ceiling Mounted Projector, Retractile 6x4 feet screen, a Computer with Internet and Blue Tooth fascility, Audio system and an UPS and a Computer Table. Educational DVDs will be given to all schools and around 80 teachers will be trained at an Engineering College to use the systems.  Requesting sponsorship from District 5580 clubs and for this project.  All the 20 clubs taking part in this Global Grant have agreed to give 100 USD for Navajo Water project.