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This SITE page is designed to provide Rotary Clubs in District 5580 with the chance to review active or upcoming projects and to evaluate opportunities for potentially participating in the projects financially or as volunteer workers.  This could be especially helpful to smaller clubs who may not be able to do a large project on its own, but by "partnering," a project could be funded, staffed, and successfully completed.
Here are some partnering opportunities that deal with The Rotary Foundation's Areas of Focus.
Current Opportunities:
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GG2455883 Mukuyuini by Grace Flows

Posted: February 2024
NOTE:  D5580 has a relationship D5960 and with a member of the Forest Lake club. You are encouraged to have your club participate. Questions?
Contact: Blake Crosby, District 5580 DISC,, FM-AM Rotary Club. 
Global Grant request from Forest Lake Rotary, D5960 in Minnesota.
The Rotary club of Forest Lake, Mn is working on a Global Grant water project in west central Kenya.  Total cost of the project is budgeted at $73,251.  They still need to raise $28,000 and are looking for partner clubs to contribute $2,000. This GG will be their second borehole well project in Kenya. They are working to have all funding in place so they can begin construction in June 2024.
GG2455883 is titled Mukuyuini by Grace Flows.  This project will create a borehole well with a solar powered pump, and a storage and distribution system in the village of Kalimoni, in west central Kenya.  It will benefit approximately 2500 people now and potentially hundreds more by providing a dependable source of clean water for a population that is currently obtaining water from “stock tanks”- surface pools also watering animals both domestic and wild.  You can imagine the health risks inherent in this practice.  The women and children tasked with transporting the water to their homes are also often at risk from animal predators and sexual assault due to the isolated locations of these tanks.
Do not send any funds until the GG has final approval from RI. Contact me if your club, or a club member, pledges funds so I can let you know GG status.
Clicking on the pdf below and opening it in your browser will give you additional information.

Mukuyuini Flows 4


Roseville Rotary Global Grant Bugusege Water Project 

Posted: October 2023
Contact: Blake Crosby, District 5580 DISC, ,FM-AM Rotary Club . 
In the spirit of Lonnie Stormo from Stillwater Rotary, who defines projects by the number of people it will impact, here is a quick way to go from 0 to 35,000 people impacted.  There is a whole community of people in and around Bugusege, Uganda, with a severely limited water source.  We are in the process of getting a Global Grant #GG2456777 to change this.
This grant will support the drilling of two wells, the installation of submersible pumps, the installation of photovoltaic systems to power the pumps, the installation above ground water storage so water will be available even at night, a piping system to get water to the storage tanks and to standpipes at appropriate locations like community gathering spots and schools so the water can be readily available to the citizens of the community.
We have residents who will work with the installers, so they will be able to do minor maintenance on the system if needed.   The community's families have agreed to pay 1,000 UGS (Uganda Shillings) per month for the ongoing expenses that may occur.
The total cost of the project is $130,000 USD, and please consider this your invitation to join us in helping this happen.  We have the commitment from District 5960 for their full support of this project (up to $25,000 in matching funds from clubs in 5960).  I have also talked with people in Districts 5950 and 5580 and feel supported by them.  RI will match district contributions at the 80% level, which is almost like tripling your money to help this happen.
Attached please find a few photos from a PowerPoint Presentation to show you what is happening and a link to a video on YouTube that will give you a short story about the "Boots on the Ground" Uganda Rotarian who has successfully completed water projects with us in the past.
Thank you for your consideration of helping with this project.  If you have questions or want a presentation about this for your club, please let me know so we can schedule it.  Depending on the situation, it may be in person or may need to be on a Zoom call.
Loren Swanson
Past President - Roseville Rotary

Rotary Grants to Improve Healthcare Access in Western Kenya

Posted: August 2023
Contact: Blake Crosby, District 5580 DISC, ,FM-AM Rotary Club . 
This facility, known as the Craig Memorial Rotary Clinic, will open in 2024 and provide primary care for 11,000+ people in Kakamega County, Kenya. Shikunga is one of the poorest and most remote villages in Kakamega County, and residents who need medical care must travel 8+ kilometers to get to the nearest facility, with few private vehicles and no public transportation available.
Currently, Rotarians in Nebraska and Florida are collaborating on a pair of Rotary grants to improve healthcare access in the Kakamega region. One grant will provide the equipment, furnishings and supplies to enable CMRC to care for thousands of adults and children in Shikunga and nearby villages. Services will include adult and child medical care, prenatal care, routine obstetrics and delivery, wound care. simple orthopedics, disease management, pharmacy, immunizations, and vision, dental and hearing exams and treatment. The other grant will provide equipment and training to improve surgical services at Kakamega County General Hospital, with special emphasis on ophthalmology and cataract surgery,
The grant budget for the Craig Memorial Rotary Clinic, which includes equipment and furnishings, is estimated at $100,000 US. We have commitments for the CMRC grant (GG2351944) for around 70% of that budget, primarily from District 5630 (Nebraska), District 6940 (Florida), and District 9212 (Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan), and the Rotary Club of Kakamega (Kenya).
Blake’s notes—D5580 has pledged $5,000 in DDF and a private D5580 club member has pledged $3500. If your club or a member wishes to pledge, please contact Dr. Baxter as per below. Do not send any funds until the GG has final approval from RI. Let me know if your club or a member pledges funds so I can let you know GG status.

Safe Deliveries in a Time of War

Posted: August 2023
Contact: Blake Crosby, District 5580 DISC, ,FM-AM Rotary Club . 
The Rotary Club of Del Mar was pleased to support your amazing Global Grant Prenatal Care for Indigenous Women.   We are reaching out to Rotary Clubs, to whom we have contributed DDF and/or Cash to their global grants.  We are currently seeking support for our Global Grant in Ethiopia, “Safe Deliveries in a Time of War.”
The Grant will provide autoclaves to ensure that sterile instruments and drapes are available for every mother and baby who delivers at the University of Gondar Hospital in this time of civil war in Ethiopia.
Blake’s notes—If your club or a club member wishes to pledge financial support, please let me know.  Do not send any funds until I inform you that the GG has received final approval from RI. Thanks.

Muscular Dystrophy Project

Posted: August 2023
Contact: Blake Crosby, District 5580 DISC, ,FM-AM Rotary Club . 
On behalf of the Rotarian friends at RC Tinnevelly, RID 3212 (Host Club), IWSF (International “We Serve” Foundation, 501(c)(3), located in Lexington, KY) requests your support and generosity to benefit hundreds of children affected by an incurable genetic disorder (muscular dystrophy) - served by the reputed MAYOPATHY INSTITUTE, Veeravanallur, Tirunelveli Dist., Tamil Nadu, India. 
St Joseph’s College Trichy Alumni in India and the US (Non-Profits) are raising funds from outside Rotary to establish (i) an in-house Emergency Facility (ii) 50 more patient treatment rooms & (iii) Physiotherapy Equipment to serve the patients (95 to 100).
The Rotary Global Grant shall provide the needed equipment in the Emergency Room, Patient Treatment Rooms and for the Physiotherapy needs. Budget of $75,000.
The Global Grant aims to provide:
a) Customized Therapy for each affected child (predominantly from the disadvantaged sections of society) getting admitted to the hospital.
b) The best possible treatment facility at affordable cost, using the latest therapy equipment
c) Use technology as much as possible to reduce the pain during therapy by engaging them to focus in some forms of entertainment.
The beneficiaries are mostly children afflicted with a rare form of muscle disorder called muscular dystrophy. 1 in 6,000 children are born with this rare muscle disorder that manifests during childhood, causing serious health issues & disability.
Mayopathy Institute of Muscular Dystrophy & Research Centre, Cheranmahadevi, near
Global Grant Application Template (December 2020) 3 Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India provides treatment to such children affected with muscular dystrophy through muscle strengthening therapy and training.
At any given point of time there are about 50 children of different ages getting treatment for about 3 months on an average. The hospital has facilities to accommodate about 50 patients
and their care takers. There’s a constant flow of patients who are accommodated and given therapy + training and sent home once they are adequately trained to manage themselves. The hospital provides treatment for 1) Muscular Dystrophy & 2) Cerebral Palsy.
Blake’s notes—If your club or a club member wishes to pledge financial support, please let me know.  Do not send any funds until I inform you that the GG has received final approval from RI. Thanks.