Please check with the project contact to get the latest info on these opportunities. 
Additional info and new opportunities will be added as they become available....  
This SITE page is designed to provide Rotary Clubs in District 5580 with the chance to review active or upcoming projects and to evaluate opportunities for potentially participating in the projects financially or as volunteer workers.  This could be especially helpful to smaller clubs who may not be able to do a large project on its own, but by "partnering," a project could be funded, staffed, and successfully completed.
Here are some partnering opportunities that deal with The Rotary Foundation's 6 Areas of Focus.
Current Opportunities:
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Camaroon school textbooks and sanitary facility construction
Posted:  Jan 2020
Contact:  Keith Brokke,  FMAM club
looking for funding partners for Global Grant in conjunction with Kumbo Rotary club, Chris Idirisu
Project needs are approx $14,0000 for textbooks and $39,000 for construction of Sanitary Toilets in 6 Primary Schools
more info to come... 
Garde Saline, Haiti School Construction Project   
Posted: Jan 2020     Approved by Grant Committee, Project #20.4.17
Contact: Central Lakes Rotary,    Rick Bricker or Bob McLean
looking for funding partners for proposed World Community Service project 
Project involves construction of 6 classrooms for school
more info to come 
Construct Medical Clinic, Sumala Village, Bolivia
Application submitted for WCS Grant (Approved by Grants Committee)
Posted:  August 2019
Contact:  Stacey Ackerman, Moorhead club
Description:  provide Health Care facility near Icla, Bolivia, in conjunction with Mano-a-Mano; 
Looking for possible participants to visit Bolivia site(s).  (Funding is Complete)
further info to follow after committee meets in August.
Add Classrooms and Kitchen to School, Tonata Village, Guatemala
Potential WCS  (Approved by Grants Committee)
Posted:  August 2019
Contact:   Tom Newberger, FMAM club
Description:  build school in Guatemala  February/March 2020; 
opportunity for hands on participation 
Add Classrooms to school, Turbala Village (Zacualpa), Guatemala
Potential WCS  (project approved by Grant Committee)
Posted:  August 2019
Contact:   Tom Newberger, FMAM club
Description:  build school in Guatemala in February/March 2020; 
Indigenous Women Group Prenatal Care TrainingApproved and in Progress
Global Grant number:  GG1980712
Posted:  December 2018
Contact:   Alicia Helion, FMAM club