FIRST:  Review the GRANTS COMPARISON BROCHURE to make sure that your project meets the criteria for a District, Global or World Community Service Grant so that you can select the correct Application from the section located on the left side of this page. 
SECOND:  If you feel your project meets the criteria for one of the Grant types shown in the brochure, contact Grants Chair, Tim LeClair, and REQUEST A MENTOR to assist you with the application process.  REGARDLESS OF YOUR GRANT EXPERIENCE, this requirement is mandatory.
Applications:  reference forms at left side of page.
Applications must be typed/keyed-in and submitted electronically to the District Executive Secretary and District Grant Committee Chair.
District Grant (DG) Applications for 2020-2021 Projects are due by March 31, 2020.  (* also see note below in WCS)
Global Grant (GG) Applications may be filed anytime, and are done on-line on the RI website. 
Reference the list at left side of page for checklist of items needed for a GG application.  
World Community Service Grant (WCS)    (and  District Grants, if funds are remaining **):   
Due Dates:                          Committee Meets:
March 31, 2020                     April 16, 2020
June 30, 2020                        July 16, 2020         
September 30, 2020              October 15, 2020
December 31, 2020               January 21, 2021
(**) Note:  Based on funds available.  Check with the District Treasurer, Elaine Hansen, for amounts of available funds.
In order for a Rotary club to participate in the District 5580 Grants Program, it must become Qualified by: completing the online Grant Management Seminar, submitting a completed MOU, and submitting a completed District 5580 Addendum to the MOU
(Reference previous section on "Overview and Requirements")   
Additional questions or information:
Please contact Gloria at the District Office at or 218.821.0204
Grants Chair, Tim LeClair, at 701-541-1217 or email at