US Clubs are provided with liability insurance to cover events held during the Rotary year.  The premium for this insurance is collected with each club's Semi-Annual Dues.  It is important that Rotarians be familiar with the coverage, and the most recent update can be viewed and is available for download from the area on the left.  
When you hold a project or event at a location, the owner or management may ask you to provide a CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE.  
FOR A CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE, be sure to download the INSTRUCTIONS located on the left, along with the CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE.  Once you have saved them to your computer, review the Instructions and follow them EXACTLY when completing and submitting your CERTIFICATE.
Should you have questions regarding a particular area of coverage, you are asked to contact the Insurance Broker (Gallagher) directly.  Contact information is shown in the Rotary International Insurance Document 2017-2018.