With the continuing impact of COVID, many clubs have found it challenging to recruit new members. Rules on social gatherings have been a factor as well as the effect COVID has had on local businesses and budgets.
In support of your club's membership development and community outreach, the club will receive $100 for each new member who joins from January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021 (yes, retro to the beginning of 2021). The club decides if the dollars go towards supporting your community outreach &/or help lower the cost to the new member
The $100 will be split in two payments with the first $50 going to the club upon official notice of the new member (a copy of their approved membership application can be forwarded to District Treasurer Elaine Hansen). The second $50 will go to the club after the July 2021 dues (RI & District) are paid.  All clubs are eligible provided they are current on their RI and District Dues and have their club goals are posted on Club Central. 
Bob McLean                                Craig Loughery
District Governor 2020-2021       District Membership Chair